Where Your Dog's Potential Knows No Boundaries!

Our sanctuary is a haven where wagging tails and boundless enthusiasm thrive, where each pawprint tells a story of growth, learning, and unbounded joy.


Our boarding facilities at The Northern Border offer more than just accommodation; they provide an experience. With sprawling acres for exploration, socialization opportunities, and attentive care, your dog’s boarding experience transcends mere lodging.

Training/Board and Trains

Embark on a transformative journey with our comprehensive Training/Board and Train programs. Our curated curriculum, conducted by seasoned trainers, is designed to unleash your dog’s potential while instilling obedience and refining their skills.

Building Rental

We have available space for rent to host your obedience and agility events! Our state of the art facility has so much to offer!

Why We Are Different From Others

At The Northern Border, LLC, we stand out for our unwavering commitment to personalized care and results-driven training methods. Our team comprises passionate trainers dedicated to understanding your dog’s unique needs, ensuring a tailored approach to unleash their full potential and here is why we stand out:

At the core of our training philosophy is an amalgamation of compassion, patience, and decades of individual expertise in working and competing with dogs. From the initial stages, we meticulously evaluate your dog’s temperament, personality, learned behavior, and environmental adaptability. Understanding your pet forms the bedrock of our approach, enabling us to apply the most effective training methods. 

We Are Open 7 Days A Week, All Holidays, And Offer 3 Different Pick-Up/Drop Off Times For Your Convenience! Owned And Operated By K9 Trainers and Behaviorists!

About Us

At The Northern Border, our story is one fueled by an unwavering passion for dogs and a commitment to fostering a harmonious bond between pets and their owners. Situated on a sprawling 127-acre expanse nestled in Washingtonville, OH, our haven transcends the conventional concept of dog training facilities. Here, we don’t just train dogs; we elevate their potential while nurturing their natural instincts in a setting that mirrors the open landscapes they adore.

Our journey is founded upon decades of collective experience, expertise, and an unyielding dedication to understanding, training, and competing with dogs of diverse breeds and temperaments.

What Our Clients Say About Us

The Northern Border, LLC has transformed our dog’s behavior! Their dedication and expertise are evident in the tremendous progress our furry friend has made. Highly recommend!


Exceptional care and training! Our pup thrived under their guidance. The team’s passion for dogs truly reflects in their approach. Thank you!


Professional, caring, and effective! The programs offered are tailored and result-oriented. So grateful for the positive changes in our dog’s behavior.


A fantastic experience overall! The Northern Border, LLC’s methods are innovative, and the trainers are incredibly knowledgeable. Our dog adores it here!


Frequently Asked Questions

Our programs cater to all dogs, irrespective of age or prior training.

Program durations vary based on the specific needs and progress of your dog.

Absolutely! We provide regular updates and feedback on your dog’s training journey.

 While visitation options may vary, we encourage interaction within designated hours for your dog’s well-being.

 Yes, we provide post-program support and guidance to ensure continued success.

Our facility adheres to strict safety protocols, ensuring a secure and comfortable environment for all dogs.

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